Predictive Astrology – General Hints – ( for beginners)
By Prof.C.S.Rao Astro Counselor :

Karma theory reveal the prevailing mix of prarabdha, sanchita, agami with the aid of Sun (atmakaraka), Moon (manokaraka) and other five planets (representing human body i., flesh, blood, bones etc, Just as human body is subjected to the influence of biological inheritance, environmental effects etc., the soul is subjected to the prarabdha karma. Combined action of soul and body is the result of human actions. These actions are qualified by satwa,rajo,and thamo gunas of mind. In short, the input of human actions are qualified by satwa, rajo, thamo gunas while the output get classified into dharma, ardha, kama, moksha. The output can again be, broadly, classified into spiritual (dharma, moksha) and materialistic (ardha,kama). In Predictions –bhava results do fall into spiritual/material aspect of life. In the light of this the role of Karma theory cannot be ignored in predictive astrology.

Significance of astrology is to be seen in the light of highest level of human attainment. Astrology teaches in great detail about the controls upon us. The real value of astrology is gained when the astrologer and the client are convinced of he need for spiritual progress in their lives..

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